Plymouth, United Kingdom

Plymouth, United Kingdom, is a seemingly-small city located on the southwest British coast. It’s a ferry ride to France. Some Plymothians sound more Cornish than Londoner. Plymouth is most famous for it’s naval heritage. Yes, Sir Francis Drake played bowls here before defeating the Spanish Armada. Yet Plymouth has so much more to offer– if you’re willing to to put a little effort into the search. From a thriving social enterprise community to the “wildest” walks on sparse Dartmoor plateaus, Plymouth is much more than meets the eye. Being in close proximity to the rest of Europe with a major university and many colleges, Plymouth also plays headquarters to several MNC’s like Wrigly’s and Princess Yachts. From Spanish nurses to Bulgarian business-owners, dockyard workers to visiting professors, many expat-locals call Plymouth home. Don’t let initial local negativity fool you; Plymouth is a lovely place to live!