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Judith Haaser, German Living in Plymouth, UK

Emily Stewart, American who lived in Plymouth, UK (and now lives in Malta)

Judith is a German native who moved first to Plymouth in 2008 for her first job after Uni. After traveling and working abroad, she decided to return in 2014. Born in the former GDR, Judith and her parents were happy traveler, right after the wall fell in 1989. Instead of always going to Hungary, they started to explore Europe and the rest of the world together. She was infected with the travel bug ever since.

Her first longer stay abroad was during her studies in Germany, as an intern in Scotland, where she also studied later on. Ever since, Judith has enjoyed moving and working abroad. After her Master studies in Germany, London and in Arizona, she struggled to find work and therefore, left for a working holiday trip to Australia (as you do with itchy feet). That opened up her mind about the possibility to try and work in the UK, and it worked out. She immediately fell in love with the scenery and people of Devon and Cornwall. That was probably the reason for her to return after living in New Zealand, Canada and Germany again. Well, one of the reasons.

British music, the life-style, the food (especially pasties and Sunday Roasts) and so much more makes life here special everyday. She also established great relationships with other expat-locals who are also happy to share their stories.

Emily is from Denver, Colorado. She inherited wanderlust from her hotel-hopping parents. Ever-energetic, she’s been pursuing hyper-local adventures since. She learned “hard skills” by paying her way through a degree in International Business at the University of Denver, earning certifications, grants, and recognition along the way (she’s a lifetime member of the World Trade Centers Association). She is certified in Travel Writing, Blogging, and Group Fitness.

After moving to Plymouth, UK, with a job in the cycling industry, she ditched her “big-kid income” to develop a social enterprise travel and relocation organization called BASEDtraveler Books & Media, with which she wrote her first book, Plymouth Primer: An Expat-Local’s Guide to Life in Plymouth, UK.

Unable to go anywhere without making a new friend, she specializes in scavenging, chronicling, and finding everyday delights. She’s a connoisseur of advice from “timefull” people and Totally Rad Females.

As a fun side endeavor, Emily teaches yoga and Pilates; find her Facebook page, Yankee Yoga in Plymouth and BASEDtraveler Bodies: Malta. She’s got yoga videos on YouTube (BASEDtraveler Books & Media). One day, she’d like to write a book about teaching yoga across the globe…

As luck will have it, Emily was asked to speak about her personal journey for TEDx, Totnes. Her story reflects on how going insane taught her how to live effectively abroad. Check it out: “Scavenging for Delight.”