Great Value for the money, clean, good location. Friendly happy staff

Overall superior home, clean and secure. A good deal of staff continuously cleaning and creating the house look great. Upside is your pool and place to private shore, drawback is sound level in chambers. Older property but nicely preserved, no difficulties with space. Our strategy was inclusive and food was ordinary, we moved in to town to eat dinner. We’ve been to Cozumel several times and attempt to modify hotels/properties at least one time during remains. Even though this is a great property for amenities and location, we probably won’t be back due to sound level.

Did my next Christmas holiday at this location and had an superb stay. It is exactly what it is. An older resort that is well preserved for the number of people who remain here. The one issue I had was that the children overflowing from the spa as it was clearly indicated Adults just however I blame the parents for allowing it to occur. On the positive notice that they did empty the tube and wash it every day. I’ll be returning on the 24th of January of the season for another stay and that I know precisely what I shall get. As always all of the team was great!

Cozumel is a fantastic place. I have visited it several times with my family and friends. We love looking at attractions, beaches, and points of interest. We just enjoyed it very much. The another night I met another family. They were talking about some exciting tarpon fishing in cozumel tours near the hotel; the island is characterized by diving and fishing excursions. We have not had the opportunity to try it. But, without a doubt, the next time we will do it very excited. My family loves aquatic adventures. So traveling offshore will not be a problem. On the contrary, it will be an unforgettable experience.

I had been there last year and had a superb time celebrated a birthday was there. The Staff treated all of my celebration with good esteem and service. The sole complaint could have is they don’t have a coffee maker in the room. With that said I’ve already booked my stay for the week of February 4 2019 I hope the stage structure is complete so that I could observe outstanding Amusement.

BUT if you are fine with an elderly but still fantastic comprehensive, Cozumel Resort just may be for you. The rooms are large enough, with fine balconies (ours missed the huge pool area). The beds are comfy, and the food is very delicious! There’s some type of new fish available at most lunches and dinners, and we all discovered the preparations to become excellent–that the garlic and fish has been particularly to our liking. Great mixture of American and Mexican treats, good omelettes for breakfast. We had been here for fourteen days, such as New Year’s Eve, along with the party in the Gran Salon was exceptional — carving tasty roast beef, pork, turkey, or a number of other yummy treats… we were pleasantly surprised, to be frank. The stage show was good… not as numerous dancers/etc. As at a few of the larger areas, but nevertheless quite entertaining.

A good place for families and divers who are not going to be spending a great deal of time in the Resort. The staff is very friendly & attentive with the exception of the management. We are traveling with a large group of adults and are extremely disappointed that the management isn’t enforcing their own rules to make the accommodation agreeable for everybody. For example, the jacuzzi has 5 signs posted that it is Adult Only, but it is full of young children wearing diapers. We complained, but no action has been taken. We moved to the enclosed adult pub area to watch soccer on the big screens and appreciate some cocktails only to come across kids sitting in the bar – literally around the bar stools. The pools are freezing cold with all the exclusion of the jacuzzi. The resort grounds are amazing and well-maintained. The hotel rooms are not and bordering on being classified as dirty. The quality of our mattress is horrendous as are the towels & linens. The decor is nearly nonexistent making the chambers disagreeable. The food is extremely bland and quite low quality, as is the alcohol that goes with the all-inclusive package. There is virtually no night-life in the Resort. We will definitely go back to Cozumel, but won’t stay at Hotel Cozumel & Resort again till it changes.

My buddies and I moved to the resort for your afternoon on a day pass, we didn’t stay at the resort. The afternoon pass was amazing for $40. The pool was fine, the water is warmer than many hotel pools this season. Additionally, it has a spa and the water is really hot in there too. The pass includes lunch, snacks, and whatever that you would like to consume alcoholic or alcoholic. The fajitas and beans proved rather good in the snack bar. I enjoy a good deal of sunlight so that the only drawback for me was that there were lots of palm trees around the globe, yet I did receive a great deal of sunlight! Fantastic spot for families too.


I wrote a previous review that’s far more comprehensive in 2016. But we needed to post another inspection to let them know we believed they’ve made improvements to the meals. Not it was awful last moment. It was nice. It was fine to find some of the exact same staff. The folks here are excellent. We’re happy we return and will do again in the long run.