Romantic dinner with excellent service

We had a very wonderful meal. As at all of the restaurants at the El Presidente Intercontinental, the wait staff is friendly and attentive. We had an extremely yummy free appetizer with pesto and sun dried berries purée, then crostata with various toppings. My partner had the 3-pasta unique (good but not outstanding ) and that I had the lasagna, too great. Not elite In terms of Italian cuisine but a pleasant day. The decoration is also very tasteful.

We’re easily able to receive a same-day reservation. We began dinner with a fantastic bottle of wine along with a huge bottle of water. There was a free olive tray, using a fig pesto for dipping bread sticks. The menus illuminate when you start them which, together with my 46 year old eyes, I discovered to be much superior than having to pull my iPhone and use the flashlight. We purchased cakes: a caprese in my husband and also a Caesar for me personally. Both were OK–I probably would not order them. The food was great, but nothing which I’d write home about. But we purchased that the Beigne for dessert. These aren’t just like your New Orleans beignets. These beautiful treats were similar to cream puffs except for ice cream. I am still dreaming of them a week after. Service was amazing and very careful.

The good thing about going to Cozumel is the diversity of things you can do. From staying in a five-star hotel, an all-inclusive, to a boutique hotel or Airbnb accommodation. The same thing happens with food. Of course, the main dish is marine. But if you want to eat something different, you will definitely find it. I remember a tour the waiter recommended me to el cielo beach cozumel for my family and me. I think it would be entertaining. Alfredo di Roma is an excellent place to eat in Cozumel. So I recommend it. Especially, to people who love Italian food. It is delicious, and the service is remarkable.

I had been here in 2010 and in 2016. This restaurant is located in the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel. This time that we’re there, my husband and I took my brother and sister-in-law who’d just gotten married hours before elsewhere. This was basically their wedding supper. We told this and they left the day very special, such as bringing the dining table a particular dessert. All the food was great. But some may say the costs were somewhat high. The staff was friendly and attentive. We had an excellent time and will return on our next trip to Cozumel.

A wonderful restaurant, probably the best one at the Intercontinental hotel. Unfortunately also the priciest. The food was great and the service outstanding. Suggested if you’re ready to shell out quite a little more than the normal restaurant in Mexico.

We went not knowing what to expect and were likely to purchase from the menu. Then we discovered that there was a wine pairing which went with the particular menu. It was priced quite nicely, so we chose to go to it and we were not disappointed. I REALLY wish I could recall our host’s title. He had been WONDERFUL! His assistant waiter was likewise excellent. They walked us through each dish and exactly what the wine was that they opted to match with this. Among the first classes was a ceviche that was fantastic! The salmon dish was excellent-I can not remember if it had been pistachio encrusted but it was fantastic. I will attempt and keep in mind the waiter’s name and return and update this since he had been really lovely and would love the restaurant management to learn how good he was! I think he said he had been the one that did the wine pairing to get the menu. He had been a younger man, just amazing support.

OK, the Fettuccini Alfredo would be to expire, but past that magnificent entre, this area is average at best. My veal chop was tender and oversalted, and also the appetisers and salads were nothing specific. Add in a costly wine list and wines served far too warm, and the night finished up mostly a bust.

We’re eager to try out fettuccine alfredo in the first family. We could say we have, though we likely would not go back when we find ourselves at Cozumel. The food wasn’t bad (believing it was Italian food in Mexico), but it had been nothing noteworthy. Appetizers were adequate, wine was somewhat overpriced (although it’s an island, needs to be brought in, etc), and also the pasta was fairly great but less than that which we believed it could have been.

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