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Great Value for the money, clean, good location. Friendly happy staff

Overall superior home, clean and secure. A good deal of staff continuously cleaning and creating the house look great. Upside is your pool and place to private shore, drawback is sound level in chambers. Older property but nicely preserved, no difficulties with space. Our strategy was inclusive and food was ordinary, we moved in to town to eat dinner. We’ve been to Cozumel several times and attempt to modify hotels/properties at least one time during remains. Even though this is a great property for amenities and location, we probably won’t be back due to sound level.

Did my next Christmas holiday at this location and had an superb stay. It is exactly what it is. An older resort that is well preserved for the number of people who remain here. The one issue I had was that the children overflowing from the spa as it was clearly indicated Adults just however I blame the parents for allowing it to occur. On the positive notice that they did empty the tube and wash it every day. I’ll be returning on the 24th of January of the season for another stay and that I know precisely what I shall get. As always all of the team was great!

Cozumel is a fantastic place. I have visited it several times with my family and friends. We love looking at attractions, beaches, and points of interest. We just enjoyed it very much. The another night I met another family. They were talking about some exciting tarpon fishing in cozumel tours near the hotel; the island is characterized by diving and fishing excursions. We have not had the opportunity to try it. But, without a doubt, the next time we will do it very excited. My family loves aquatic adventures. So traveling offshore will not be a problem. On the contrary, it will be an unforgettable experience.

I had been there last year and had a superb time celebrated a birthday was there. The Staff treated all of my celebration with good esteem and service. The sole complaint could have is they don’t have a coffee maker in the room. With that said I’ve already booked my stay for the week of February 4 2019 I hope the stage structure is complete so that I could observe outstanding Amusement.

BUT if you are fine with an elderly but still fantastic comprehensive, Cozumel Resort just may be for you. The rooms are large enough, with fine balconies (ours missed the huge pool area). The beds are comfy, and the food is very delicious! There’s some type of new fish available at most lunches and dinners, and we all discovered the preparations to become excellent–that the garlic and fish has been particularly to our liking. Great mixture of American and Mexican treats, good omelettes for breakfast. We had been here for fourteen days, such as New Year’s Eve, along with the party in the Gran Salon was exceptional — carving tasty roast beef, pork, turkey, or a number of other yummy treats… we were pleasantly surprised, to be frank. The stage show was good… not as numerous dancers/etc. As at a few of the larger areas, but nevertheless quite entertaining.

A good place for families and divers who are not going to be spending a great deal of time in the Resort. The staff is very friendly & attentive with the exception of the management. We are traveling with a large group of adults and are extremely disappointed that the management isn’t enforcing their own rules to make the accommodation agreeable for everybody. For example, the jacuzzi has 5 signs posted that it is Adult Only, but it is full of young children wearing diapers. We complained, but no action has been taken. We moved to the enclosed adult pub area to watch soccer on the big screens and appreciate some cocktails only to come across kids sitting in the bar – literally around the bar stools. The pools are freezing cold with all the exclusion of the jacuzzi. The resort grounds are amazing and well-maintained. The hotel rooms are not and bordering on being classified as dirty. The quality of our mattress is horrendous as are the towels & linens. The decor is nearly nonexistent making the chambers disagreeable. The food is extremely bland and quite low quality, as is the alcohol that goes with the all-inclusive package. There is virtually no night-life in the Resort. We will definitely go back to Cozumel, but won’t stay at Hotel Cozumel & Resort again till it changes.

My buddies and I moved to the resort for your afternoon on a day pass, we didn’t stay at the resort. The afternoon pass was amazing for $40. The pool was fine, the water is warmer than many hotel pools this season. Additionally, it has a spa and the water is really hot in there too. The pass includes lunch, snacks, and whatever that you would like to consume alcoholic or alcoholic. The fajitas and beans proved rather good in the snack bar. I enjoy a good deal of sunlight so that the only drawback for me was that there were lots of palm trees around the globe, yet I did receive a great deal of sunlight! Fantastic spot for families too.

I wrote a previous review that’s far more comprehensive in 2016. But we needed to post another inspection to let them know we believed they’ve made improvements to the meals. Not it was awful last moment. It was nice. It was fine to find some of the exact same staff. The folks here are excellent. We’re happy we return and will do again in the long run.

Beautiful condos and great services

These condos are leased and are top notch. There’s an excellent pool using a concierge. Concierge can arrange for towels and beverages and meals from the cash pub. My spouse and I’ve traveled to Cozumel likely at least 12 times. We’ve brought our four children the previous 3 decades and feel totally secure and well cared for in the milestone. The front desk support team (Adrianna, Ramon, Jair) bend over backward to accommodate any requirements you might have. You are able to grab a dive boat away from the pier in the cash bar. Only an excellent vacation. We’re not the comprehensive type. If we don’t feel like heading out we could eat in the cash bar but often times we want to learn more about the island and consume at new locations. Front desk is extremely helpful booking any type of trips or sightseeing you might require. Again I highly suggest them for a calm restful family holiday in Cozumel!

I won’t stay at any one of those most inclusive hotels. The Landmark Resort isn’t a resort, more like serviced apartments. They are superbly decorated, spacious with whatever you want. And of course the stunning sea front view. Diving business came straight to the pier to pick up me. The rooms smelt wonderful as soon as they finish their comprehensive cleaning sessions. Especial thanks to Adria and Jair (ideally I spelt the names right) for supplying all of the info which I had been after. Staff are extremely friendly and always had a huge grin on their faces. I’ll be staying here again when I return.

Staying in Cozumel is an incredible experience. There are so many options that you can find the style you want. Five-star hotel? Yes, there are. Boutique and intimate hotel? Yes, there are. It’s what I love about Cozumel. For example, the Landmark Resort is an incredible hotel. I went there with my family. When we were in the pool with the kids, I heard two people talk about a popular scuba diving in cozumel carnival cruise tour for families like mine. I’ll try that in some other time. People say it is beautiful. The employees here are very friendly, the check-in fast, and the rooms very comfortable – a recommended place for Cozumel visitors.

The support was fantastic and the employees there are only beyond friendly and helpful. The condo itself is among the nicest I’ve ever stayed in. We had been within an ocean front condominium and the opinion was amazing. The balcony area is such a cure. It was fine to have the cash bar beach pub and restaurant directly across the road and our dive store managed to pick us up right there in the pier. The only disadvantage is it’s all about a 20 minute taxi ride to downtown restaurants, etc.. But, there’s a good kitchen and they stocked our fridge and pantry until we got there! Provided that you do not mind not having the ability to walk downtown, I can not imagine staying anyplace else! Thank you for your kind support and all of the small particulars, such as roses on our mattress and towel decorations for our final night.

My dad died the morning until we were to depart for Cozumel. When I wrote to the Landmark to cancel, the Landmark — without even being requested — waived the cancellation charges and sent their condolences. I was touched. It’s high season, and there’s absolutely no way they might have booked with merely a day’s notice. Certainly the operator and direction of the resort cares about becoming adequate than creating a buck. I anticipate rebooking together with all the Landmark when we could next take an global holiday.

We remained in a two-bedroom ocean front condominium which has been fantastic. The condominium was spacious and fresh with a gorgeous view of the sea. There was a half bath if we’d wanted to amuse. Each area had its own toilet, which makes the condominium ideal for a family holiday. The kitchen has been fully armed and could easily adapt all sorts of meal preparations. The pool was big and well maintained with a jacuzzi for relaxing. The employees were very friendly and helpful, and we had been missing for nothing. There’s a beach throughout the street in the Money Bar, where you can swim and lounge and snorkel… The snorkeling there’s sufficient (not spectacular – but I’m a diver, so perhaps not the best judge). The Money Bar has comparatively loud audio Thursday-Sunday (you may listen to it in your area – we had been on the upper floor). However, we didn’t find it oppressive, and they had been performed around 10 or 11 pm in the latest… Because this hotel is indeed Much brighter and fresh, we favored it on the Intercontinental, which we discovered dark and not as attractive. There’s no restaurant except for its Money Bar. We had a car and prefer the regional restaurants than the more suitable but dull meals at resorts such as the Intercontinental…

This condo hotel hotel is fabulous. Together with the Money Bar Restaurant/Bar directly across the road at waters edge it gave us all we wanted. On the house is a stunning pool encounter if that’s what you desire. Only downside is there is not any drink/snack service onsite. Our package (510) has been a three br 3.5 bath luxury oasis from the heat/humidity of the area. We also drunk the water in the kitchen faucet without any ill effects! A gorgeous view with a superb contemporary kitchen made it a comprehensive package for our stay. I would advise this to anyone – young or older! We had a driver accessible constantly (Taz Miranda (on Facebook)) who had been prompt, courteous, helpful and informative about everything Cozumel and Mayan. His English was simple and fluid and together with a fantastic sense of humor that he made our trip extra special.

However, the pictures didn’t do justice. Our condo was about the 5th floor and had a complete ocean view from every bedroom. The area was enormous and very contemporary. Granite and tile everywhere. The beds, all of kings, were quite comfy. The fitness center was fine and that I used it nearly everyday. The pool area has been so pleasant you didn’t need to leave. However, every one these conveniences didn’t make the stay a excellent experience. It was the team! Adrianna, Ramon, Jair and Paola with no doubt made our stay an experience we’ll always remember. They’re so helpful, professional and kind you could tell they liked their tasks. Every day they’d greet us with joyful faces and warm greetings. When we had questions that they made sure we got replies. If we had groceries they had somebody do the purchasing for us. They made sure that we had been cared for. They made certain we loved our trip. If you’re interested in somewhere to keep in Cozumel I’d get in touch with the Landmark. Merely to fulfill these great men and women.

Fabulous service and staff

We have stayed at this Iberostar currently 4 times and have always enjoyed our stay. Upon arrival they’ve particular greeters once you check in which really are a cover for a Time Chat rod. What was introduced as a 90 minute”come watch” ended up nearer to 3 hour difficult market. We flat out told them that we now have 3 grandkids to put through college until we could commit to a holiday per year. Private beach and pool are NOT our entity – we all go to satisfy new people and interact. Our bad friends, nevertheless, being retired, obtained the complete gambit of numerous individuals trying their very best to make a market. Eventually walked away really miserable & sad we lost that time. Lesson learned and won’t be duped again.

I shot my girlfriend and two adult children, ages 22 and 20 over New Years and we had a wonderful time. We have participated New Years Eve and the team made it very special for all of us. Special notes concerning this particular property. The staff is extremely friendly from the floor keeping team into the bartenders. I have been to Cancun twice, Playa Del Carmen double and today Cozumel and also the folks in Cozumel are undoubtedly the friendliest in the region. Our concierge – Marcelino Diaz was really useful, he became a friend. I had some stomach issues and he worked together with our cab driver for me into the ideal location for some medication. The property was well kept, clean and simply amazing. I am usually not one for remaining in precisely the exact same place twice, but we’ll return to the Iberostar, Cozumel.

Cozumel is a Mexican Caribbean island that you can not miss. I’m telling you because I’ve come at every opportunity I have. Traveling to Cozumel is cheap and convenient. A couple of people recommended taking the cozumel bottom fishing tour if we wanted a great adventure. We definitely wanted that. Also, the experiences that you live here are unforgettable. From your arrival, until the last activity, you do with your party. Even the accommodation is remarkable. Iberostar is a great option. My friends and I were pleased to stay five nights during the vacation period. We stayed there to be near the downtown of Cozumel.

Thank you a lot for this a memorable excursion. 1 final remark – Arturo and Vincente that our Funjet men also took great care of us helped reserve us a day excursion. Again, really very pleasant men and women. Thank you again.

We came in Iberostar on New Year’s Eve afternoon and stayed for 1 week. We had a wonderful trip. Cannot mention 1 thing which has been just ok or fair. We introduced our 4 children ages 14, 15, 16, 19 and they had a wonderful time. My fiance and I got married on Saturday about the shore. The structures for your wedding were above my expectations. The flowers were lovely, the hospitality was amazing, the beach was amazing. A fantasy come true for all of us. Our wedding planner Oriole was such a joy to use. The rooms were quite comfy. The food was consistently phenomenal. The grounds were amazing. Definitely would go back to the hotel.

We’ve remained @ Iberostar hotels on two events,Cozumel and Montego Bay and the two were excellent experiences. The meals, [very healthy assortment ] was quite good, good space service-clean, fridge stocked every day, plus plenty of bottled water every day, great number of amusement, STAR FRIENDS – high notch. I specifically appreciated the solitude of our own [small hut]. No door banging,quite personal feel. Also the organic friendly disposition of the Island folks in general. In my view the STAR FRIENDS go over and beyond there obligation,thinking about what they need to work with. I also appreciated the abundant marine life, Eagle rays,star fish,barracuda,one of many common species and also the gorgeous coral on the trip thru Alberto’s, next shop,very private and well worth the price. I have reddish in prior reviews that we desired aquasox to roam the shore,I did not feel the need, and that I walked 2 to 3 kilometers also, daily about the shores. EVERYONE at this hotel,by the butcher to the baker made our stay @ Iberostar totally wonderful and are anticipating our own return. Also, this hotel is the farthest south of all of the huge chain hotels that gives it this distant feel. Very silent and laid back. [No traffic noise]. If you prefer to break free from the hustle of town,this is where to go. It is a Extreme Value!

I forgot my favourite sterling earrings in my room on November 2017. And I picked it up after a year on November 2018. They were stored and ready because of the owner-paperwork-Number of room, Last name, When, Where It was fantastic surprise. One year. Honest men and women. Very pleased with my vacation trip.

I believed my time in this hotel was great. The celebrity friends present a fantastic series in the evenings and so are amazing throughout the day. The top bartenders are Fernando and leonel in the lobby bar!

We moved out to get a family Christmas holiday with teens and we had a blast. The food has been great all over the hotel. The entertainment team put on some fantastic shows. We adored the Boogie Nights, Fire Show, Movie Night Show in Addition to the True Mexican singer and dancers. Beach isn’t a shore you can definitely walk into but there’s a good dock with water accessibility for milder sand in addition to pretty great snorkeling for the novice ( bring your mask and snorkel). There’s easy accessibility to utilizing hobie cats and kayak that a little charge of $2 per individual. Loved the pool but appeared cold sometimes. Rooms were excellent with each with its own front terrace with hammock. Nice to place to get a siesta in day or to the occasional rain showers. We chose the hotel since it was a little hotel but do not let this fool you. There was plenty of activities during the day. It was really quiet when we were there throughout the week of Christmas. It did begin to have a bit louder in the end of the week since it had been coming up to New Years.

Clean and nice location

Secondly here and it is what you would expect. Cozy mattress especially following evening of scuba. Right across the road is a beach for your resort only and a fantastic pick up location for diving. Restaurant is typical food but distinctive staff. This time we discovered there’s massage in your area so took advantage of this.

Rustic cheap resort for sailors. Small rooms. Want some upgrading. Entire area has some harsh odour. Sink and commode are broken at least in space 215 where I had been staying. Towels are rigid like a board with odor of sunscreen. Pool and the backyard appears preserved although I did not use it. Spacious restaurant. Mediocre food and both bad service because of insufficient instruction. Do not wish to come back to the place.

I love Cozumel and the amenities you can find on the island. The first time I traveled with my family I was afraid that the accommodation experience would not be ideal. The truth is that I was entirely wrong to think that. Staying in Cozumel is one of the most convenient, enjoyable, and fun things you can do in Mexico. One guy there recommended me a snorkeling riviera maya tour with one family-owned tours company. We will surely try that during our stay. Casa del Mar is a nice place to stay. I loved the rooms and the amenities. It also has people to help you choose activities to do in Cozumel.

Stayed at this ski hotel with a dip set of 150 individuals. The resort in employees did a good job implementing the week of diabetes. The food was great and a tiny bit over the typical dip hotel cuisine. The rooms were clean and the air conditioning worked great! Just like the majority of dive resort, the environment should resist tripping wetsuits. And grungy scuba ware, or so the property he is largely tiled and configured to the diver.

We remain for 10 day in this unique resort which had plenty of private extra from you regular resort as long as you take this is México that the deco was bright as well as the area comfortable clean and normal restock with toiletries and jar water together with outdoor storage for wetsuit etc together with air con. The team spoke several languages and tried their best to assist, a suggestion was alway well received as the team work long hours from the warmth! I’d have chosen a hint box since it had been not possible to trick everyone Papa hogs diving college did us proud organizing for our gear and ships, coming ready loaded for several really excellent dives for all skills! Margaret is one point of touch, she had been really efficient and actually loved her job! Sugarland dip store run by Phil (a fantastic man ) is only across the street by the dive boats pickup, he was constantly available to assist if you’re short of any counsel or equipment!

Suitable place. Cozy and scenic. Surprisingly excellent cuisine in spacious air dining centre. Other restaurants in walking distance. Fantastic diving! Professional dive pros at affiliate dip store. We will certainly come again and urge hotel for families and non-divers in addition to divers.

Second year in a row to keep here. My husband and I haven’t gone diving with their team however, think the resort is great. Fundamental accommodations and a fantastic price. Friendly staff with fine conveniences. Only drawback is restaurant does not open till 7am and we get up early searching for java; restaurant has great food. About a $7 taxi ride to city in case you don’t need to walk about 40 minutes, although the walk isn’t bad.

A lot of the team was there for this moment. Daughter started diving and today grandson is beginning to dive. Cozumel is difficult to beat. Food and service is great. The rooms are well maintained and clean, nothing fancy but nice with us. There are just one or two restaurants near by and you could always have a cab to town. Ocean is across road but there’s not any shore. Two dive shops are directly across road.

Get here more information of Casa del Mar!

Amazing and Stylish Hotel

I am a great fan of all the U Hotels and resorts U Paasha does not disappoint. Great Facilities,stylish and big room in the center of Seminyak. Breakfast was delicious as expected in any of the U Hotels.I must say that I was very impressed by the Front Desk Manager that was very friendly and professional. Thank you for an amazing stay.

The location is great for all Seminyak has to offer, shopping, restaurantes, discotecas y la playa. The service is fantastic and all of the staff were so nice rooms and friendly. Great rooftop pool with impresionante ocean views and nice cocktail menu. The breakfast included is also a great bonus. We will be staying here again for sure.

The habitaciones eran muy amplias, modern and exceptionally clean and included a well se almacenan fridge, a good selection of tea and coffee,a safe and a very good wifi signal and air conditioning. There was an amazing choice of food for breakfast great rooftop barbecue and delicious meals in the restaurant. The staff were second to none, always breakfast, bed and very cheery and played a big part in making our holiday a success. The hotel está perfectamente ubicado for tiendas/bares/restaurantes y walking distance to the beach. We will definitely stay there on our next visit.

We loved U Paasha Seminyak and would go back there if we’re back at Seminyak! Service was 10/10, cleanliness: 10/10 and the hotel design was modern and super cozy. Highly, highly recommended to anyone visiting seminyak for its value and location.

We stayed at the U Paasha Seminyak for 3 nights. The room was spacious and well maintained. The staff were very pleasant and breakfast. Breakfast was good and the coffee was excellent. Wifi is on the weaker side.

Biggest habitaciones I’ve ever had for a ‘standard’ in a hotel, I think every room is a suite. The reception is stunning, the staff so welcoming, the buffet breakfast and outstanding unbeatable location. The rooftop pool is fun little shallow for my liking but a nice space, getting shade can be desafiador. De seminyak is busy, the roads are busy the place is bolsas, this is a pleasant reprieve from all the hustle and molestia of street life. I’m totally happy I found this hotel, it’s a phenomenal deal for the price.

What a wonderful hotel, brilliant hotel in fantastic location with lots of quality restaurants nearby. The staff are what make this hotel special, from the security staff at the front gate who are always polite y agradable to the staff at the front desk who will bend over backwards to make your stay’s special, the breakfast staff who cannot do enough to make the food presentable and yummy to the bar staff around the pool who will have a joke with you and will never stop bringing the unlimited drinks junto a la piscina. Nothing is too much trouble to the staff here. They are to be commended on their customer service. A two week stay for us left a big impression, congratulations for your hospitable approach and warmth, big thank you to gede and Galan (junto a la piscina), Rika for her beautiful personality, Bimbi for her es precioso nature and wonderful help, chandra for her worldy approach to hospitality and to brendan the hotel Manager for making our perfect, stay, what a focused and well appointed man for the job.

Plymouth, United Kingdom

Plymouth, United Kingdom, is a seemingly-small city located on the southwest British coast. It’s a ferry ride to France. Some Plymothians sound more Cornish than Londoner. Plymouth is most famous for it’s naval heritage. Yes, Sir Francis Drake played bowls here before defeating the Spanish Armada. Yet Plymouth has so much more to offer– if you’re willing to to put a little effort into the search. From a thriving social enterprise community to the “wildest” walks on sparse Dartmoor plateaus, Plymouth is much more than meets the eye. Being in close proximity to the rest of Europe with a major university and many colleges, Plymouth also plays headquarters to several MNC’s like Wrigly’s and Princess Yachts. From Spanish nurses to Bulgarian business-owners, dockyard workers to visiting professors, many expat-locals call Plymouth home. Don’t let initial local negativity fool you; Plymouth is a lovely place to live!

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